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Our delicate fragrancies are created by the finest producers in Grasse in France, and contain around ten percent of perfume oil. Grasse has been the world capital of perfume for over 500 years and are also the leader of making exclusive scented candles.


Our most popular 180-gram candles allow you to enjoy its exquisite aromas for approximately 40 hours, creating a subtle scent of luxury in your home. The top note of our candles burns fastest, the middle note smells the most and the base note is the scent that stays longest in the room.




All of our candles are made of a high quality vegetable wax and cotton lead-free wick. To ensure the utmost quality of the product, the wax is poured in two stages, each time by hand ensuring an even and clean burn. The first round it´s filled up to the half, then the wax stabilizes for eight hours and then poured a second time until the container is filled to the top.


Every wick is put in each tumbler glass by hand. When the wax is completely cold, the wicks are trimmed to a length of 3-4 millimeters.


To keep the container and fragrance intact, all candles are individually packed in round boxes and wrapped in tissue paper. We are passionate about helping our clients finding their signature scents!



Once you received a luxury scented candle from Epistle, we would like you to care for it properly in order to get the most out of it. Our scented candles are simple pleasure and we hope they have a great impact on one's sense of well-being. The guidelines below are for safety reason and to enhance your enjoyment!


The first time you burn a candle, burn it for long enough that the entire top layer of the candle is liquid. This makes it so the candle, for the rest of its life, will burn evenly.  For best performance, burn candle for 3-4 hours at a time. In addition to the first burn, and to make sure the candle burns evenly, you also need to make sure the wick stays centered. Use a sturdy object to re-center or straighten the wick. If the flame is too small, carefully pour out liquid wax.


Most important, never leave a burning candle unattended and please avoid moving the candle while it is burning. Restrain from leaving it in a draft or on a glass marble surface or any other surface sensitive to heat. Use our gold or silver lid as a base. The elegant lid, that comes with our candles, also keep the surface of the candle clean and dust free.


We recommended that you trim the candle wick regularly to approximately 5mm but remember to cut the wick when the wax cooled, so you don’t catch the end of the trimmed wick. Trimming the candle wick after they burn is also important to prevent your candle from smoking on the next burn or from burning the sides of the glass. A longer wick will cause the candle to burn too hot and too quickly.


We´ve found a wick trimmer a well worth investment. Wick trimmers are more aesthetically pleasing than basic scissors and you can leave them laying on the coffee table or desk as a beautiful home accessory!


In order to protect the glass, do not burn the candle to the very end, leave at least 1 cm of wax. After that point, the candle might burn too hot, or unpredictably.






epistle gifts, exclusive, elegant, personalize, scent