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Epistles was used to express love and we have chosen to take the idea further. We focus on sensory communication and present various options of delightful personal designed gifts such as scented luxury candles and home fragrancies from Grasse in France.


We tailor the scented gifts together with the client. Our bespoke candles can also work as a signature scent for a brand, a company or in a private home.


What makes a beautiful gift interesting is when it´s attached to a story. Our mission is to help you create a beautiful message in a most elegant form -  A scented gift chosen with greate care!


Whatever the nature of your business – be it a luxury boutique hotel, finance, art or a private home, we are here to help you brand a scented gift in the most delicate way.


Epistle - Exquisite gifts

Marketing Director

Lena Ramberg

Cofounder Epistle - Exquisite gifts


+46 735 18 20 15

Creative Director

Maria Meizar

Cofounder Epistle - Exquisite gifts


+46 736 22 45 44

“Any room, any occasion can be transformed when it´s styled with a delightful designed label on a candle jar and a personal chosen scent! This will not only make a grand style, it will also communicate a scented statement to the receiver” says Lena.


"Despite being passionate about scented candles and home fragrancies in general, we soon realized that our candles are both beautiful and an appreciated gift and can create fond memories for any anniversary worth a celebration” says Maria.


Epistle AB Riddargatan 45 SE-114 57  Stockholm



epistle gifts, exclusive, elegant, personalize, scent